Best museums in North Texas

new acquisition by the Kimbell: Landscape at Le Cannet, by Bonnard

We all love art, don’t we? There is nothing more enjoyable for art lovers than visiting a museum, which is a great opportunity get thrown back in history while admiring the astonishing styles, colors, and contents. Museums are opened portals to centuries ago, and there is no way you can get bored when there is so much to see and so many new things to learn. Here are the best museums in North Texas that are worth visiting.

–Compiled by Rana Tarakji,

Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Opened in 2012, Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a distinguished place that has five levels accessible for the public, displaying 11 permanent exhibitions. The design of the building is surely distinct, a large cube floating over a landscaping plinth. The content of the exhibitions is incredibly diverse, from the latest technology such as programming a small robotic vehicle and 3D computer-animations to life-size dinosaurs’ skeletons. So, no matter what your interests are you can definitely find something that will catch your attention. It is an incredible child-friendly place where kids are amazed by the diversity of the new information they receive.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Opened on the Presidents day on 20th of February, 1989, the museum displays numerous information about the life, times, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy and has an interesting location, to be more specific it is located exactly in the place where, according to the investigations that were conducted after the death of the President, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the President from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book. There you can find historic films, photographs and investigation documents, all related to the assassination.

Dallas Museum of Art
Initially established in 1903, The Dallas Museum of Art was moved from its previous location in 1984 with a new design created by Edward Larrabee Barnes. The museum’s collection contains more than 24.000 works of art, from the third millennium B.C till the present day. Collections include objects from the African, American, Asian art, religious art, and contemporary work as well. The museum offers kids programs and after-hour events where kids can take part in many lecture series with poets, authors, and visionaries.
Dallas Holocaust Museum

The Dallas Holocaust Museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust. It is also known as the Centre for Education and Tolerance because its goal is to teach moral and ethical reaction to prejudice, indifference, and intolerance, for the benefit of humanity. Holocaust survivors are often available to share their stories with the visitors in order to raise awareness about the atrocious events of the past that should never be allowed to happen again to any society.

Kimbell Art Museum
Owned and operated by the Kimbell Art Foundation established in 1936, this museum started from 18th and 19th British and French portraits and growing up to its current 350 works from various artists. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, the Kimbell Art Museum has a permanent collection that has pieces representative of high artistic and definitive quality.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
With a focus on post-World War II art, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth has a collection of almost 3000 pieces which includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints, and videos. Aside from its widely varied collection of post-1945 art, the structure of the museum itself is an artwork. Travel + Leisure Magazine named the building of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth as one of the World’s Most Beautiful Art Museums.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art
In 1935, Amon G. Carter Sr. bought his first painting – His First Lesson by Frederic Remington. This was followed by several watercolor paintings by Montana artist Charles M. Russell. In 1945, the Amon G. Carter Foundation was established and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art was opened on 1961. This museum in Fort Worth is where you’ll find a diverse array of American artworks.