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India is a land of diversity, where several people who believe in different Gods live together. A few clashes here & there happen but still, the country is known as an epitome of human civilisation. Art is a passion here. Several eminent artists have emerged from this nation. And to most of the artists, the depiction of deities has been one of the many subjects. Out of all Gods, Ganesha is one of the famous deities in India.

Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva, the supreme, and Goddesses Parvati, the Shakti. Paintings and artefacts of Ganesha are highly in demand throughout the year. Out of thousands of Gods, Ganesha is the only deity who is able to captivate the heart of 99% of the people in India. This is why a lot of people want Ganesha-centred artworks in their homes, offices, etc.

I was in an art gallery recently and an art zealot from Australia came up and asked me, “Why is Ganesha artwork so popular?”

In an instant, I said, “It’s because it fits in almost every occasion”. This gave me an idea to jot this blog about why Ganesha paintings and artworks are actually best for every occasion celebrated in India. Let’s see:

Ganesha: The Prosperous bringer

In India, Lord Ganesha is known to bring prosperity and good luck to his worshipper. So, if the occasion is New Year, people love to bring in Ganesha artworks in their homes, offices, shops, etc.

Similarly, during Diwali, which is mainly the celebration of Ram coming back home with Sita after defeating Ravana, Ganesha Arti (ritual ceremony) is a tradition. It is said that during Diwali if people worship Ganesha and his wife Lakshmi, it will bring good luck for you in the future life. This makes the sale of Ganesha art and paintings to its peak during the festival of lights.

Then there is Ganesha Chaturthi (the celebration of the birth of Ganesha). People celebrate this festival with immense enthusiasm and large Ganesha statues are submerged in the river or ocean as a ritual. The sculpture maker and the artists are extremely busy hence for the preparation for this festival too.

Along with this, business professionals, the ones with shops, factories, industries or any business especially adore Ganesha. Special Ganesha pooja is done on the business premises and paintings of Ganesha can be more the often seen at the entrance of so many offices.

Along with this, Ganesha is a lovable character among the kids. The mystical story of Ganesha’s elephant head is so alluring to all the kids. Parents often put the paintings and artefacts of Ganesha in their children’s rooms. Ganesha’s small eyes represent the extreme focus he has on his tasks. People tend to convey the same things to their kids who have to study to focus perfectly on their books.

Ganesha artworks are a delight to put in the home and even in my home, several art pieces of Ganesha are kept. What about you? Does your home or office have Ganesha paintings or artworks? Tell us in the comment section. Thanks!