Oil & Cotton 2019 Classes – Learn to Paint!

 Learn to PAINT! 

Learn to paint at Oil and Cotton.  We are offering both weekly and weekend painting classes this spring. Classes are designed for artists of all levels. Beginner to advanced, all creative disciplines are based in practice.
Build your painting skills with us! 

Q U I C K   L O O K 
Feb 23 Interior Painting: Color Light Space, gouache
March 5 – April 9 Painting Our Contemporary Landscape, acrylic 
April 6 Portrait Watercolor, watercolor
April 13 Plant Portraiture, acrylic and gouache

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817 W. Davis St. #110, Dallas, TX 75208
Check out the full lineup of workshops in the link below!
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Interior Painting: Color Light Space
Saturday, February 23
Instructor: Danielle Kimzey

In this class students will paint an interior based on observation, memory and imagination. After a short introduction to the history and methods of interior painting and painters, the instructor will demonstrate different painting techniques and possibilities for working with Holbein Acryla gouache paint. Learn more here!

Painting Our Contemporary Landscape
Tuesdays, March 5-April 9
(6 week session)
Instructor: Kim Cadmus Owens

Let’s look at where we live! This class will introduce landscape painting and focus on creating depth, space, and place. We will use techniques and learn tricks to make paintings that reflect intersections of the human-made and the natural, geometric and organic, complex and simple, serious and fun. Learn more here
Portrait Watercolor
Saturday, April 6
Instructor: Jay Bailey

This workshop will explore the use of watercolor and mixed media techniques to render and depict a human portrait.  We will also cover concepts and methods which will open doors for any level of painter, such as a limited palette and the role of preliminary drawings. Learn more here! 
Plant Portraiture
Saturday, April 13
Instructor: Erika Duque

The students will leave with their own 8” x 10”, ready to hang, wood panel portrait of their own beloved plant. Class will begin by the instructor briefly talking about the color wheel and compositional balance. The class will look at scientific illustrations of various plant species for inspiration, as well as a few small plants from the instructor’s own plant collection. Learn more here!