Irving Art Association’s Multicultural Art Exhibit – reception May 5

On May 5th Irving Art Association is holding its 1st Multicultural Art Fair and Exhibit in Celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Festivities are from 2-4pm. A reception for the Artists is included.

The Multicultural Art Exhibit will be on view April 28 – May 24, 2019 in IAA’s East and West Galleries. Reception is May 5 • 2-4 pm. Location: Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving TX 75061

Participating Artists: Ruben Conteras, Beth K. Ritter-Perry, Vida Tayari, Vandana Mehta, and Zakehia Uscanga.


Beth K. Ritter-Perry

Beth Ritter-Perry creates images that are shimmering, warm and inviting-evocative of fantasy, adventure, gypsies, and the Bohemian life. They are celebrations of color and pattern reminiscent of the energy of a Moroccan souk, a market in Ghana, a festival in Mumbai or the order and grace of a geisha’s kimono. In her paintings and art quilts she depicts elegant and exotic women (alter-egos?) in faraway and imagined places and narratives. Ritter-Perry works in a variety of media such as painting, drawing, art quilts, jewelry, ceramics, printmaking, and mixed media.

Vida Tayari

Vida Tayari was born in Persia and began painting in 1991. Mastering her art, she became a respected international artist.

Vida found her path to expressing herself through art after suffering the loss of her beloved father. She believes that his spirit guided her to follow her dream and her passion. Putting her heart and soul into every painting, this skill has become a continuous meditation and has brought her many joyful rewards.

Zakehia Uscanga

Zakehia is a professional advocate for Education and Art for kids and adults helping them achieve their fullest potential. “She has a special eye for detail and very particular and magical style” J. Gak.

Zakehia Uscanga born in Mexico and start painting since early age, winning her fist National Paint Contest when she was 5 years old. Zakehia was part of the exhibition “La Victoria del Arte” directed by the Cuban professor Jose Montalvo in collaboration with a Tamaulipas’ Government Program in 2001.

After she moved to the United States, she has taught art sessions for artists from beginners to advance. She is an advocate for the arts that has exhibited in several non-profit organizations and exhibitions in Texas since 2010, including the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art (2010-2012), AEM (Golf Exhibition 2014), Irving Art Association (2014, 2015), DECET (since 2013), Avance (2014), NTLAPA (2013-2016), Mi Escuelita (2014, 2015), Safe Conversations (Dragon Gallery 2016) and more. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

Vandana Mehta

Vandana Mehta is a contemporary artist originally from Mumbai. She is a self taught artist although professionally a chartered Accountant. , learned from experience and studying works of art competitions through their workshops, books. She explores abstraction in landscapes and cityscapes. Her atmospheric landscapes are reflections of nature, feelings, and emotions. She loved to paint since childhood and had a strong need to create. she paints whatever inspires her. Sometimes it could be a landscape, a mood or expression on a face, a still life or an abstract feeling Watching dawns have some kind of fascinating power over humans. Especially meeting the dawn In person. It’s hardly possible to describe what is going on inside your mind in such moments. It shatters and paralyzes by the beauty of the moment, you are losing words, all the problems just fade away and eventually, you are just in present. Past, future- these notions don’t exist anymore, it’s just you, ocean and the feeling of NOW.

Exhibitions: Local art show in Dallas (2016) Meraki group art exhibition in Raipur. The recent Celebrating Irving: Irving Memories Exhibit.

Ruben Contreras

Ruben Contreras was born in Guatemala, the oldest of fourteen brothers and sisters. At an early age he began to develop his artistic talent. He now live in Grand Prairie, Texas, with his wife and children.

The subject of much of his art reveals his passion for nature. His paintings are done primarily in acrylic, and he exhibits great skill in capturing realistic images and emotional content.

Reuben is a member of the Irving Art Association and regularly teaches painting and painting. He actively exhibits his work and has won awards in juried art competitions in Arlington, DeSoto, Irving, Midlothian and Granbury.

Check out his video channel on Youtube where he demonstrates his art skills: