Online Beginner Photoshop Series

The April series will be held online. Attendees will be given Zoom login instructions for the live classroom sessions. Register by April 30 to receive a 20% discount on all DCP online classes!

When: April 13/April 15/April 20/April 22 from 6:30pm-9pm
Where: Online

Photoshop is now a verb and a mandatory skill for any photographer who wants total control of the creative and editing process. This powerful software is the recognized professional standard in raster graphics editing that incorporates the tools and structure to create, enhance, salvage and export your images.

Beginner Photoshop starts at the beginning. These classes are designed to be an overview for those who are new to the world of Photoshop. No previous experience is required. You’ll become comfortable with the interface, importing and saving files and learn what the most commonly used tools do. At the end of the beginner series you’ll be able to make adjustments, work with layers, adjust colors and make selections. Hands-on work will include swapping heads in group shots, enhancing a landscape, working with the selection tools and placing simple text.

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