Documentary Photography Roundtable May 28

Photo credit: Ed Kash

Join us in a webinar on Thursday, May 28 when we bring together a panel of notable documentary photographers from across the country representing a wide range of styles and experiences. Photographers Ed Kashi, Nancy Borowick, Christopher Lee, Kirsten Lewis, Patrizia Montanari and Terra Fondriest will share some of their work and discuss the challenges of documenting our lives at this unique time in history.

This webinar is a part of Picturing Home, a series of online events and classes that encourage a visual exploration of how our home experience is changing. For committed photographers, having a camera at hand is a reflex. But now that everyone is carrying around little picture machines in their pockets, we all have the chance to create meaningful visual stories of our lives.

Why is this especially important now? Because for most of us the idea and reality of home is changing. Our schedules, our relationships, and the way we interact with our neighbors are all being reinvented. And because home is both a place and a state of mind which can be comforting or challenging, personal or communal, but always evocative. Things have gotten a little messy and capturing this in-the-moment shift of life and culture is what photography does best. Using whatever camera you have at hand to document your home life now will build a story that is worth preserving for your family and to share with others.

Other events in this series include a call for entry for DCP’s online exhibition juried by Nancy Borowick and the Family Storytelling workshop with Patrizia Montanari. In this four-class workshop, learn how to see your surroundings in a new light and how to capture the essence of a space.

This webinar is on Thursday, May 28 from 6:30-8pm CDT and is free and open to all. Registration is required to receive the Zoom meeting information.

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