SiNaCa’s Fundraiser: Virtual Ice Cream

Ice Cream (Virtually) Social Summer Fundraising Event | 2020
 Sponsored by Melt Ice Creams The Loop Artist Complex | Fort Worth Focus
 A Charity Event for SiNaCa Studios – School of Glass and Gallery  
Even though we won’t be cooling off the glass blowing furnace this summer, we are still celebrating with an Ice Cream (Virtually) Social fundraising event. 

If you can’t virtually “attend”, please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us with the costs of transitioning our equipment, curriculum and offerings to meet the current social distancing requirements

SiNaCa Studios – School of Glass and Gallery 1013 West Magnolia Avenue Fort Worth TX 76104 817-899-0024

Save the 2020 Sundae

The save the sundae silent auction closes on Saturday 7/11 at 12:00pm
Opening Bid is $240 Retail Value is $1,400 any amount over retail is considered a tax deductible donation

Click to Bid

Smash the 2020 Sundae

$5 Tickets for the Chance to Smash the Sundae GET YOUR TICKETS HERE
The winner of the smash the sundae raffle will be announced at 8:00pm during our Virtual Open Studios Live Stream on Friday 7/10. Winner must be available to smash the sundae on 7/11 at 12:30pm. If the 2020 Sundae is saved in the silent auction, the winner of the raffle will smash the 2021 Ice Cream Sandwich

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