Robert Mars Virtual Exhibition – Laura Rathe Fine Art


Robert Mars’ new abstract body of work strikes a balance between chaos and control. Employing concepts rooted in abstract expressionism, he begins with multicolored paint layers of loose and dynamic brushstrokes on vintage newspaper. The choice to sometimes highlight and sometimes obliterate this record of events acts as rebellion to structure and order. The vintage newspaper is a bridge to the events of the past; anchoring the work in history. The dialogue between the layers of color and the events glimpsed through the paint sets the palette for the final composition. To apply order to the chaos, Mars precisely cuts the painted newspaper into predetermined patterns. Based on traditional quilt patterns from American history, this new series echoes the backgrounds utilized in Mars’ representational body of work. As he rebuilds the composition, he keeps structure and color in mind. These new works are the result of a process of discovery and resolution.

Laura Rathe Fine Art, 1130 Dragon Street, Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75207

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