Cedars Union September Virtual Happenings

Hello from The Cedars Union!

We hope you are reading this message in good health and good spirits as we close out the month and a particularly odd summer. The Cedars Union Annex and the Boedeker next door have been buzzing with activity. We and our artists are on the brink of many things. 

Did you get a chance to listen to any of our virtual Q&As or webinars this month? We offered some great content, which can be accessed through our YouTube channel. If you have a business, or are just interested in how Google’s search engine works, check out the SEO webinar Edgar Cardoze gave this week. It was fascinating stepping into the shoes of the robots that guide our daily (hourly?) searches.

This September we’ll continue webinars, with the return of Art Counsel Texas’s Lunch+Learn, and focus on online art education. Small scale workshops for our member artists will continue so that they can best use The CU.

Want a tour of our facilities? We are now offering one-on-one tours scheduled in advance. You can sign up here

and a touch of October…
Wed. Sep 9: Lunch+Learn: Copyright I
12:00-1:30 PM, online
Free with Registration
This fall we will be taking a deep dive into copyright with three sessions. For September we will be setting the stage by learning all we can about copyright, its origins, what is eligible for protection, and more.
Wed. Sep 16: Legal Clinic: Legal Counsel for Creatives
4:00-7:00PM, online Free with Registration
Offered by Arts Counsel Texas, this legal clinic offers one-on-one support to creatives from art law professionals. Sign up for a 30 minute slot to discuss a legal query such as copyright, contracts, LLC formation, and more. Consultation is limited to artists or creative freelancers.
Tue. Sep 22: Online Teaching Wisdom: Webinar with Chesley Antoinette
5:30-6:30PM, online Free with Registration
Dallas fiber artist Chesley Antoinette has been an Adjunct Professor for North Texas colleges for the past six years with a consistent course load in online courses. In this webinar Chesley will share what’s worked for her to keep students creative, engaged, and accountable while navigating virtual arts learning. 
Thu. Oct 1: Art in the Virtual Classroom: Educator Discussion
5:30-6:30PM online Free with Registration
In this panel we’ll speak to three Cedars Union artists tasked with providing art education online this year. Covering middle school to higher ed, Brantly Sheffield, Jessica Martinez, and Desiree Vaniecia will share what they learned in the Spring of 2020 and how they’ll move forward with the changing landscape of what is traditionally hands-on course work. Comments and questions will be encouraged during the program. Have resources you’d like to share prior to the program? Hit us up at [email protected]