Behnaz Sohrabian Online Gallery

Behnaz Sohrabian is the Grand Winner of the 2020 Irving Art Association Annual Members Awards Show as determined by a poll of the members. Part of her award was a free gallery for a year. Visit it at

Behnaz is an artist and long-time IAA member (and frequent winner) living in Oklahoma. She is known for her exquisite portraits and luscious florals and landscapes.

Artist statement:

As an artist I just wanted to display these challenging times, that we are all navigating uncertainty for ourselves, through bold colors , visual elements, suitable form, concept, title and the subject matter

My aim is to paint simply. Apply easy brush stokes. Emphasize light and shadow and the dynamics between the subject and background. I choose varied subject matter to convey the concept of femininity with simplicity, natural beauty and inspiration. Women, our beloved animals, flowers and mother earth symbolize the essential power of creation in our world. They interact with an intentionally sensuous dance that expresses the process of fertility and reproduction, strength and compassion. My art explores the drama, texture and wonder of this creative process.” – Behnaz Sohrabian

email: [email protected]