“Setting Matters More Than You Think” ONLINE with Alex Temblador

When it comes to any type of writing, setting often gets overlooked in favor of characterization, plot, or story line. And yet — none of those aspects of creative writing are possible without setting. In this course, you’ll discover how setting affects the mood, tone, and characters of your work, as well as how it goes beyond the description of place and integrates politics, identity, and social issues. Through a presentation and writing exercises, award-winning author and travel writer, Alex Temblador will show writers how utilizing setting can elevate their writing skills, story, and creative pieces. http://www.writersleague.org/calendar/SettingTemblador2020


  • You write novels, short stories, essays, or memoir.
  • You feel like your work falls flat.
  • You want to make your characters, scenes, and storyline more dynamic.



Alex Temblador is the award-winning author of the novels Secrets of the Casa Rosada (2018) and Half Outlaw, a magical realism novel forthcoming from Blackstone Publishing in 2022. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Oklahoma and has since been a freelance writer for the last five years. Her Starred Kirkus novel has won such accolades as the NACCS 2019 Tejas Foco Young Adult Award, MG/YA Discovery Prize Winner of Writers League of Texas Book Awards, and Kirkus’ Best of YA Books of 2018. Alex has two upcoming anthology publications, her creative work has been published in PALABRITAS and Cigale Literary Magazine, and her articles have appeared in outlets like Architectural Digest, Lonely Planet, The Daily Beast, Travel + Leisure, Bustle, Texas Highways Magazine, D Magazine, Fodors, among many others. In addition to being the moderator and brains behind Dallas’ newest author panel series, LitTalk, Alex travels the world for her writing career and offers writing presentations and workshops at high schools, universities, and conferences in the U.S.