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Develop Your Own Voice as a Painter

Learning to handle the medium is the smallest part of learning to paint. ArtSpeaks Studio courses are designed to help you focus your art journey so that you can learn to create paintings that are distinctively yours. Most art programs have you copying along with the teacher rather than learning to solve the problems you will face as you find your own voice as an artist. At ArtSpeaks, Kay Byfield acts as an instructor/mentor who is available in real time whether you are online or in the studio. By providing courses with focused projects tailored toward mastering conceptual and design issues as well as proficiency with the media, ArtSpeaks Studio accelerates the growth of artists by providing them with the tools they need to become the painter they would like to be.

The short courses offered by ArtSpeaks Studio address focused topics like drawing for painters, negative painting, simultaneous contrast, color, value, edge control, the illusion of depth and much more. By limiting courses to three or four class sessions, students have a lot of flexibility and can choose the topics that are most relevant to them. Courses are based on the common problems students face, and the goal is to enable students to adapt the concepts they learn to their own art.

The key differences between these courses and those offered by others are that:

  • Both the in-person and online classes provide full engagement between the students and the teacher because they are provided in real time.
  • The courses are short and at a variety of times to make them affordable and focused so that students can make choices that are right for themselves.
  • There is a lot of information offered in these courses that is very hard to find anywhere else but is very valuable to know. In addition to applying the concepts that are presented, students receive written information and background for future reference.
  • Students go beyond the intellectual understanding of the concepts so that they can actually use what they learn.

Responding to the pandemic by employing COVID-19 precautions in the studio and also offering synchronous classes online, at ArtSpeaks Studio, painters should have confidence that they can continue to learn how to paint and still stay safe from infection.

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About the Instructor

Kay Byfield has been painting in watercolor for more than four decades, earned a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, and taught college art classes for more than ten years. Teaching is her passion, but she left academia because she didn’t like having to give grades. She loves to watch the spark when students discover an elusive new skill or gain new insights, but she didn’t like to have to assess their accomplishments with an “A”, “B” or “C”. Establishing her own teaching studio achieves the dream of a lifetime.

ArtSpeaks Studio Location

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