Weekend Carnivorous Plant Tours at the Texas Triffid Ranch

Admit it. When you watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as a kid, you knew you’d be the one kid biting Santa Claus on the leg because he was taking away the great gift Jack Skellington had left you, and snot-bubble-crying as it was pried from your clutching fingers. Later, you got into so much trouble arguing that you’d accept that “Die Hard” was a Christmas movie if everyone else accepted that the greatest Thanksgiving movie ever made was “Alien.” The only music you hum during the holiday season is “The Gonk,” especially in the vicinity of shopping malls, you constantly improve nativity sets with dinosaurs and Daleks, and you look at New Year’s Eve the way Hunter S. Thompson did: as a day to back off and let the amateurs have their fun. You don’t actually loathe the holiday season: you just wish there was something a bit…different out there.

We understand. This is why the Texas Triffid Ranch exists.

Although the Venus flytraps and North American pitcher plants are going dormant for the winter, not all carnivorous plants do so, and the Texas Triffid Ranch highlights unique enclosures and arrangements for carnivores from around the world. Come out for our Weekend Carnivorous Plant Tours on December 13, 20, and 27 to see and purchase pitcher plants (Asian, Australian, and South American), sundews, butterworts, bladderworts in full winter glory, and stay to learn more about carnivorous plants and their habits, or to view unique jewelry by Caroline Crawford Originals. Admission is free, masks are mandatory (and have to stay on for the duration), and the gallery remains open between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. For more information, directions, or an overview of the available enclosures, please visit www.texastriffidranch.com.