Mural Opportunity – $50,000 at Broadway Chapter – Feb. 19 deadline

In partnership with the Near Southside’s community art program Art South, CRG/Clayco is seeking to commission an artist for a mural on the concrete facade of a 5-story parking garage at their multi-family project, Broadway Chapter, currently under construction at 401 Hemphill Street. The garage facade is not a single monolithic wall but instead comprised of five horizontal concrete bands, separated by open air segments dedicated to ventilation. The mural walls are estimated to total 5,000 square feet in surface area. See the selection process, schedule, history of the site and sign, selection committee and more details about this exciting opportunity in the project brief (link below).
The goal is to create an iconic piece of public art that is both engaging and inspiring. Paint is sure to be the primary medium due to budget and scale, however artists are encouraged to think creatively and incorporate other materials as they see fit so long as they are durable and sustainable for maintenance. The artwork should be representative of the Near Southside’s unique culture.
This opportunity is available to Texas-based artists with previous experience in large-format artwork.
It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Applying means sharing a few samples of your previous work, an artist statement, and your contact information.
We ARE NOT asking for concepts or proposals as part of your application.
Artists who are selected as finalists will be offered a stipend to create a project concept and rendering for the Selection Committee’s review. Basically, we’ll pay you to share your idea.
The selected artist will be awarded a $25,000 artist fee in addition to access to a $25,000 support budget.
Interested artists are asked to apply by February 19, 2021.
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