Kimberly Kort’s Fluid Artistry

Kimberly Kort– Solo Art Exhibition

Kimberly Kort-KK Art Creations
Solo Art Exhibit Dunn Bros Coffee, Addison, Texas

New Emerging Acrylic Fluid Artist, Kimberly Kort- KK Art Creations, displays a solo exhibition at Dunn Bros Coffee, 3725 Beltline Road, Addison, Texas from April through June.

Kimberly Kort’s tag line is Pour Art on Your Walls. Studies show that rotating your art and adding to your collection not only gives you a new fresh view but also helps stimulate the brain. Painting is a cathartic release for Kim. She has had debilitating migraines that sometimes incapacitate her for days and has experienced them for over twenty years. Painting helps calm the pain and spurs more creativity by organizing the chaos that envelopes her brain.  
Kort is passionate about creating acrylic fluid artwork. Her creations are inspired through her nature hikes and outdoor adventures. Kort is a self-taught artist originally from Kansas but transplanted to Texas and considers herself a true Texan. 

Stop by Dunn Bros Coffee and enjoy over twenty paintings of art in the lounge area. Kimberly Kort believes art should be affordable to own and all of her paintings will fit into everyone’s budget.
For more information contact Kimberly Kort, KK Art Creations, [email protected]
The fluid artwork will be on display in the coffee lounge from April through June at Dunn Bros Coffee, 3725 Beltline Road, Addison, Texas.

–from the VAGF newsletter