Call for Entry: Large-scale Mural, Local Flora and Fauna (Burleson, TX)

Call for Entry: Large-scale Mural

Local Plants and Animals
● Organization: Keep Burleson Beautiful / City of Burleson
● Activated: September 1, 2021
● Submission Deadline: November 1, 2021
● Budget: $15,000
● Eligibility: Qualified Artist
● Category: Large-scale Mural
● Location: Bailey Lake / Hidden Creek Blvd. concrete bridge embankment

Call Summary
Keep Burleson Beautiful, in partnership with the City of Burleson, invites artists to submit their work for consideration in our upcoming exhibition for a large-scale mural of local flora and fauna on the Hidden Creek Blvd. concrete bridge embankment at Bailey Lake. This exhibition will feature a large-scale mural engaging the concepts of local urban wildlife, native flora and fauna, and stewardship of our natural park spaces.
Keep Burleson Beautiful is interested in the beautification of public spaces as well as promoting wildlife conservation in Burleson parks. The goal of this project is to give life to an urban space while celebrating the native plants and animals that dwell alongside the human community members in this space. We hope to inspire all people who pass this site to become great stewards of public parks.
The City of Burleson values public art and the important role public art plays in creating a vibrant community. The creation of public art at Bailey Lake Park and the surrounding publicly owned areas will enhance the aesthetics of the area and increase the park’s contribution to the overall vibrancy of the community.

Artwork Location Description
The approximate measurement and available concrete embankment canvas is 6,500 sq. ft. The minimum condition for the commissioned artwork is required to be located on the side embankment adjacent to Bailey Lake however; preference is to have the entire embankment painted.
Deadline for Submission: November 1, 2021
Honorarium: $15,000

Submission Requirements
1. Tell us why you are interested in painting the mural in Burleson
2. Provide an artist’s CV
3. Submit digital images of past work grouped in a PDF or PowerPoint presentation.
4. Provide type of medium to be used
5. Provide specific scope and rendering of proposed art work

Artist Selection Criteria
1. Ability to understand a locale’s sense of place, design in a context-sensitive manner and focus on the goal of the project.
2. Demonstrate successful creative, innovative, and effective approach in comparable projects.
3. Proven mastery or skill in large-scale painting.

Approval and Awards Process
After the submission deadline is complete, the Keep Burleson Beautiful Board will vote on the submissions and notify the chosen artist. The chosen artist/artwork will then go to the Parks Board and City Council for final approval before notice is given to the public. The Keep Burleson Beautiful Board will arrange the details needed to complete the mural. Completion of the mural is expected to be completed within 60 days after the date of notice of City Council approval.
The honorarium will be given to the chosen artist after completion of the mural to award the artist.
The exhibition will be permanently on view after completion at Bailey Lake Park and Hidden Creek, Burleson, Texas.
How to Apply:
Visit and submit the required information at the bottom of the page.
Questions? Email: [email protected]