University of Dallas Art Exhibitions (Irving): Graduate Art, Heather Couch, and Groundswell

University of Dallas – Graduate Art Students 

Showcase a selection of their work.

October 15-22, 2021
Upper Gallery, Painting/Printmaking Building
Haggerty Art Village

Heather Couch – Composing Texture

With overlaps of discrepancy and a playful use of material, this exhibition presents work that is warmly exploring the edges of stability. 

October 19 –  29, 2021
Upper Gallery, Painting/Printmaking Building
Haggerty Art Village

Closing Reception: October 29 | 5-7 pm
Artist Talk: October 29 | 5:30 pm

Groundswell: Ky Anderson and Vicki Sher
October 22 – December 8, 2021
The Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery at The University of Dallas is pleased to present the exhibition: Groundswell: Ky Anderson and Vicki Sher in collaboration with GUT Gallery. In their first exhibition in the Dallas area, Anderson and Sher present recent paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. Through color, shape, and line, both artists create abstract works of art that explore their relationship between the self and the world around them.  Ky Anderson narrates moments of an internal story. Utilizing a time-honed personal vocabulary, she translates these stories into her work. Colorful geometric shapes and lines fill the surface and afford viewers the opportunity to have their own conversations with these stories.  Vicki Sher’s work references botanical shapes and lines. By layering vibrant lines and shapes, Sher creates works that intend to elicit a feeling of connection to something outside of circumstance. The variety of brightly colored shapes come together in melodic harmony, a glimpse into Sher’s poetic relationship between her work and the world around us.  Included in the exhibition are several sculptures by Sher, her first venture into translating her two-dimensional vocabulary of shapes and color into three-dimensional works, while Anderson explores large scale painting, creating Shadow Tracking, her largest painting to date. 

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