Call for Artists – exhibition proposals at OSU’s Gardiner Gallery


DUE December 17  


The Gardiner Gallery of Art at Oklahoma State University is pleased to announce our call for artists and exhibition proposals for the 2023-24 academic year. The Gardiner offers around 1,400 square feet. All mediums including graphic design work are welcome.


The gallery budget for exhibitions includes artist honorariums, travel expenses, and shipping.  In most cases, the Gardiner offers an honorarium of $500 for an artist talk and workshop. The gallery pays up to $1,000 for travel which includes a hotel, flight, and if needed, car rental. Shipping is compensated up to $500. In the case of group exhibitions, either the curator or gallery designates one person as the lead artist who represents the show, visits the university, and facilitates the workshop and outreach events. This person receives the honorarium and travel stipend while sharing the shipping funds with the other invited artists.


Art exhibitions have been appearing on the Oklahoma State University campus in various locations since the 1920’s when artist Doel Reed, the first head of the Art Department was hired. Art exhibitions at OSU found a more formal home in 1959 with the first dedicated gallery space in 312 Whitehurst Hall. Housed in the Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts since 1981, the Gardiner Gallery has remained an integral part of the OSU community and Department of Art. The gallery functions as a critical venue at Oklahoma State University as a teaching environment and place to experience the visual arts. The Gardiner exhibits work by emerging and mid-career artists, produces a yearly suite of student shows, and facilitates inter-departmental programming relating to current exhibitions.


For questions, contact Gardiner Director, Cassidy Petrazzi 

[email protected]