Support your Local Artists and Crafters
by participating in

Each year every local community offers a range of craft fairs and art shows during the holiday season through its schools, churches, art galleries and other organizations.  Public attendance at these events strengthens these important community organizations, and supports the local artists who create the goods. 

This year, global supply chain shortages will impact normal holiday purchasing as many items are found to be out of stock!  This creates a unique opportunity for our industry to encourage consumers to buy local goods, in turn supporting our artists customers and our own businesses. 

— NAMTA Campaign: Together we can leverage our industry resources to drive public attendance at holiday art and craft fairs and shows.Images shown and more are available to anyone via Google drive using this link – just click the download arrow on the top left of each image to download, save and post.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u3SkTg-zXodvy0FGkt2_veZoTfbSYdkn?usp=sharing Images provided by Golden Artist Colors

ArtNewsDFW.com provides notices of local art sales, exhibits and fairs. Browse the category Exhibits and Events or use keywords in the search box.