Both Sides Now

Art Room presents Both Sides Now, featuring local and regional artists David Alcantar, Gerald Bell, Judge Bermes, Kim Brewer, Glenn Downing, Sara Lee Hughes, Jackdaw, MOM, Christy Stallop, and Camille Woods. The artists’ stories and storytelling abilities are prominent and decidedly ingrained in their work. Both Sides Now is on view at Arts Fort Worth from January 7 through 29, 2022.

Both Sides Now was curated by Art Room Co-Founder/Chief Advisor Katie Murray. Murray writes, “With a heavy nod to the Folk genre and a steady western landscape and still life thread tying pieces of work together, this series provides a fresh look and a contemporary equivalent to art of the West. The selected artwork is progressive in visual identity and the stories and intentions behind the art and artist.

“The more graphic and often colorful flat layers seen in MOM and Kim Brewer’s work add a lovely contrast to the more sculpturally painted works of Sara Lee Hughes, Christy Stallop, David Alcantar, and Judge Bermes. Glenn Downing is always very direct in his sculptural works, applying emotion at every additional fragment attached. Gerald Bell’s spray-painted diary entries are a relatable source of comfort in a world of frazzled to-dos. Finally, the linocuts add yet another dimension to the diversity of mediums in the work of Jackdaw.

“A modern remix of Western and Folk art is the inspiration for Both Sides Now as seen in Camille Woods’ work. The stories created by each artist are both inspirational and straightforward, teaching us lessons that will one day inspire the next generation of art makers.”

Arts Fort Worth is open to the public and will host an opening reception on January 7, 2022, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.