First Annual 2022 Elements Sculpture Garden Exhibit – call for submissions

The Elements Public Art Committee is seeking up to five (5) sculptures, created by Texas artists, that are appropriate for public viewing and support the goals we have set to provide a culturally enriched environment for the neighborhood.  Sculptures remain under the artist’s ownership and are loaned to the exhibit for a one-year period. All sculptures must be “family appropriate” and pose no risk to public safety; no sexual, bloody, or violent content will be accepted. All sculptures must be constructed of materials that can withstand the harsh weather of Texas and require no maintenance.

The Elements Public Art Committee aims to install sculptures that are diverse in style and media, including stone, glass, and kinetic sculpture. The Committee hopes to expose the local community to different types of art, increase local interest, and provide enrichment by offering a dynamic and engaging exhibit.

A $1,000 honorarium shall be awarded for each piece for the installation, exhibition, and removal of the artwork for a one-year period. One-half of the stipend will be provided to the artist upon selection and the remainder shall be paid upon successful installation.

The following is the timeline for the exhibit:

  • Deadline for Submissions:                         May 8, 2022
  • Notification of Selections:                          May 15, 2022
  • Installation of Sculptures:                          July 20 thru 23, 2022
  • Artist Reception, Best of Show Award:    July 23, 2022
  • Public Opening of Exhibit                           July 24, 2022

Existing 5’x5’ concrete pads shall be used for display and the Committee may provide some assistance with installation and removal of the artwork. One Best in Show winner shall be awarded an additional $500.

Any pieces sold while on display may not be removed during the duration of the exhibit period, unless otherwise negotiated with the Committee and with the stipulation that the artist must replace the sold artwork with a different sculpture, approved by the Committee, at the time of removal of the sold piece.  This is to minimize the installation work effort as well as disruption to the display of the works.

Elements, an over 55 community, is located within the Viridian development in far north Arlington, Texas.  The Sculpture Garden is located within the Dogwood Park just to the south of the Magnolia Lifestyle Center located at 4811 Cypress Thorn Drive, Arlington, Texas 76005.  The Elements Public Art Committee has sole discretion on site selection for each sculpture.

LINK TO INFORMATION                                                                                   LINK TO ARTIST APPLICATION