Into a Spacious Place by Victoria Gonzales

Opening Date: May 6, 2022
Closing Date: June 25, 2022
Reception: May 6, 2022 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Exhibition: Into a Spacious Place
Artist: Victoria Gonzales

Venue: Arts Fort Worth
Fort Worth Community Arts Center
1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Victoria Gonzales’  work is a record of mundane yet impactful experiences of everyday life. Memory and space create a visual narrative of the physical and metaphorical ways she navigates the world around her. Space is sometimes a place of comfort or other times a souvenir of a distant event. The memories Victoria explores can be simultaneously joyful and melancholy, tender and distant, or hopeful and hopeless. Through Victoria’s paintings she is processing and rediscovering the past in a new way through the intimacy and tactility of mark making. Each work presents a bittersweet narrative examining the complex circumstances that have brought her to a specific moment in time.

Closing Date: June 25, 2022