Bartosz Beda: Two Minutes Before Midnight @ Ro2 Art (Dallas)

Where: Ro2 Art in The Cedars

1501 S. Ervay St. Dallas, TX 75215

When: May 7th – June 4 , 2022

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 7th, 7-10 PM

Dallas– Ro2 Art is proud to present Bartosz Beda: Two Minutes Before Midnight. The show will run from May 7th  through June 4th, 2022, with an opening reception held at Ro2 Art in The Cedars, located at 1501 S. Ervay St, Dallas, TX, 75215 from 7-10PM.

For the exhibition, Two Minutes Before Midnight, Bartosz Beda  introduces new paintings which explore humankind and the issues that societies  grapple with from the past to the present. Bartosz poses questions juxtaposing the indoctrination of children in schools with the looming threat of the end of the world. In his artist’s statement Beda states that  “‘warnings’ and emptiness of life itself, where individualism and narcissism are a commodity and not a prophecy of failure.” This statement is a clear representation of the overwhelming dread that wars, climate change, and the rapid change of the human condition can cause