Carly Allen Martin & Nina Tichava

Carly Allen Martin 

Nina Tichava


 Lyrical Moments reflects upon Carly Allen Martin and Nina Tichava’s individual artistic processes. Each artist draws from personal experience to create delicate yet purposeful compositions. The distinct and various components are glimpses into the story of each dynamic painting, expressing their own emotions in an imaginative and lyrical way. Layering details over time, both artists use moments of creativity and inspiration to generate autobiographical and visually complex artworks.

Carly Allen Martin juxtaposes the careful placement of lines and gestural moments of color, which allows one to get lost in the subtle textural nuances hidden within every brushstroke. She lays each work on the floor and begins spontaneously mark making, only to then pause to reflect on her next step. Allen Martin states “I have learned that the pause is as critical as the mark”. In layering these moments of quietude, she captures bursts of movement and suspends harmonies in their stillness. Moving amongst drawing, painting, and reflection, she completes works that are rich in detail and rooted in each painting’s history.

Inspired by nature, architecture, and textiles, artist Nina Tichava relies on the processes of layering and intricate patterning. While Tichava’s work is seemingly geometric, dominated by leitmotifs of circles across parallel and intersecting lines, upon closer inspection, each painting is rendered organic and delicate by the underlying texture. Her unique system of collaged dots punctuate the work with a three-dimensional quality, drawing the viewer even closer to appreciate every moment. Tichava explains “My focus is the complex subtleties of detail and transient moments, as well as the materials themselves. The paintings are romantic, emotional and imperfect reproductions of the ‘things’ that make up daily life—they represent a tangle of images and objects depicted with a beautiful inaccuracy.”

Laura Rathe Fine Art, 1130 Dragon Street, Suite 130, Dallas, TX  75207