OFF THE WALL Pop-Up Art Exhibit with Ty Fawley May 20th

OFF THE WALL Pop-Up Art Exhibit with Ty Fawley.  Friday May 20, 7-9 PM. thegallery8680, 8680 Main Street, Frisco. Bites, beverages and…ART!

thegallery8680 is honored to bring you the collection of Ty Fawley’s artwork as we have exhibited and travelled with him as an artist that has always pushed himself to develop his own artistry and continually challenged himself as an artist. To be an artist takes courage and perseverance and we have seen this and acknowledge this in being able to show you his collection of work.​Ty Fawley…

CREATIVITY is ingrained in those that are consumed by it. Ty Fawley views the world and the gifts it offers, and endeavor to create through brush and canvas the view that I witness. Color, shape, form are gifts given to us, and the tones and hues are to be revealed via the frame of the world he sees.  Ty is quoted “Painting is my alter ego… the “me” zone. Within this zone I observe not only the subject matter of the painting, but survey the surroundings, light, color, and atmosphere around me. Painting is a progress of creativity, limited within the painting in which I am forming. I find the beauty in nature and seek to respect that visualization on to my canvas. At times it’s challenging. I am not looking to paint exactly what I see, but endeavor to craft my impression enthusiastically on the canvas. Color is everywhere, even where you may not see it. My energy is to bring those colors to the eye…and mind’s eye. I seek to generate emotion, and endeavor to spark an inspired creative dialogue with the viewer as a participant within the painting. Plus, frankly, I have fun!  Ty began drawing and painting early in life…doodles during class. In high school, his painting and drawings were shared with family and friends. During his attendance at Texas Lutheran University, his creativity expanded with the support of art professors and advisors. However, family responsibility established other priorities. 35 years later, cancer and emergency double bypass surgery got his attention, and during recovery at home, he pulled out his old easel and picked up the brush again. Since then, his work has been acquired by collectors from all over the country.

For more about Ty see his website