ArtHash X at Kettle Art

Opening Saturday, January 14 – Sunday, February 5th. ArtHash X. 

As you may be aware, Arthash is a loosely knit group of North Texas artists that share their works on Facebook. Created by Sonia Semone in 2010, this page is dedicated to promoting artists, galleries and art events and has quite a few, very talented and under-exposed creators we think ought to be shown in reality, not just online. In keeping with our initial mission at Kettle, we sometimes have to dig deep to discover new talent that should be brought to light and this is a great place to start. 

Artists participating include Lance M Carlson, Quincy Wakefield, Jamie Rice, Richard Miller, Roy E. Vance, Lisa Rachel Horlander, Iris Candelaria-Feuer, Sonia Semone, Jessica Sanders, Amber Maida, Charles Arnold, Daniele Jones, Amanda Duncan, Elva Robinson, Pamela Rabin, Holli Michener, Mike Salcido-Hamrick, Sammy Isaiah Rana, Randi Jaeger Means, Jon Breazeale, Chad Evans, Kerian Massey, Hannah Leath Rana, Lynne Buchanan, Ben Fluno, Robert Oltarzewski, Daniel Yanez, Jody Pham-Gurke, Julie Boland Kennedy, Bev Parson White, Michelle Flanagan, Doug King, Tamara White, Ashten McKinney, Kevin Andrew Kunreuther, Amy Fruit Dobson, Denise Saleh, Gargi Gigi Patel, Jennifer Lafleur, Synmic Art, Desiree Hullaster and more…

This show runs through Sunday, January 26.

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