What’s Outside is In: Virtual Worlding with Other Species (plants, fungi and protists)

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Presented at the Bath House Cultural Center’s Lake Level spaces


“What’s Outside is In: Virtual Worlding with Other Species (plants, fungi and protists)” is a virtual reality experience that brings to life the lessons artist Sara Dotterer has learned from trees, plants, fungi and slime molds about healing. By exploring the cycles of growth, decay, and regeneration in the lives of these species, she understands the function of her own brain and its movement between cycles of anxiety or depression and regeneration or resilience.

Trees, plants, fungi, and slime molds exist in new, colorful forms within the virtual world that you will explore inside the Quest Virtual Reality headset (or on your own phone if you choose to use a QR code to enjoy the experience). As you move around the world, you can use your head direction as a guide to move above and below the world– seeing its roots from the perspective of soil, or an aerial view like a bird flying above. Depending on your comfort level, you can feel free to move through the grass or sit down while exploring the vibrant world, allowing the sounds of White Rock Lake to accompany your experience.


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