Marcy Palmer: That Luscious Day & Daguerreotypes: Up Close

Two Exhibitions:

Marcy Palmer: That Luscious Day

Daguerreotypes: Up Close

October 14 – November 25, 2023

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 14th, 5PM – 8PM


PDNB Gallery opens two exhibitions on October 14, 2023.

Marcy Palmer: That Luscious Day

Marcy Palmer’s suite of gold leaf photographs explore the subject of beauty. She takes botanical photographs, mostly flowers, and then gilds them to emphasize their preciousness. PDNB is including Marcy’s abstract series, Unearthing. These expressive images can be viewed as documented performance art. Given the gallery’s previous show of early abstract photography, this is a continuing exploration of contemporary abstract photography.

Daguerreotypes: Up Close

This exhibition was conceived and curated by Thomas Kennaugh. He is both a collector of early photography and an artist who incorporates photographs into his own work. Kennaugh is sharing his daguerreotypes in a unique way. The exhibition will pair these small, beautifully cased images along with 22 x 17-inch photographs of each daguerreotype in the show. He decided to enlarge the daguerreotype portrait to make the work more accessible. The photograph enlargements reveal more character and offer a new way of seeing the subject.

Special Gallery talks scheduled during these exhibitions:

Marcy Palmer, Saturday, October 28, 2023 @ 2pm

Thomas Kennaugh, The Daguerreotype, Saturday, November 4, 2023 @ 2pm


Image: Marcy Palmer, That Luscious Day, 2020