The Last Autumn Carnivorous Plant Open House

The days are getting shorter and the nights getting cooler, which affects some carnivorous plants more than others. For many temperate carnivores, such as Venus flytraps and North American pitcher plants (Sarracenia), the beginning of November is the last time to see them in their full autumn glory before they go into winter dormancy. For many tropical carnivores, such as Asian pitcher plants (Nepenthes), South American pitcher plants (Heliamphora), and Australian pitcher plants (Cephalotus), along with many sundews, butterworts, and bladderworts, the shorter days slow but don’t stop new growth, and the shorter days encourage blooming in spring. The Texas Triffid Ranch, Dallas’s pretty much only carnivorous plant gallery, celebrates this transition with an open house on Saturday, November 6, showcasing both temperate carnivores and tropical, both in outdoor containers and custom indoor enclosures. Whether wanting to see flytraps and pitcher plants before they die back for their winter dormancy, or needing a touch of green for home or office in a discussion- and -debate-worthy enclosure, the Texas Triffid Ranch opens at noon and remains open until 5:00 pm. Admission is free and masks are mandatory. For more information, directions, and frequently asked questions, please feel free to find all three at