The Fluid Art Experience Nov. 12 & 13 – 30+ workshops (acrylic pouring)

Experience the chance to be live, in person and in front of your favorite YouTube Acrylic Pouring Artists learning fluid art techniques and tips!

Whether its a Ring Pour, Straight Pour, Paint Grenade, Swipe or Bloom, you will have the opportunity to learn them all from Coz Creations Art, Masse Art Studio, Mina Villegas Art, Sarah Mack Art and Waterfall Acrylics. Each Tutor will be offering 6 classes, 3 on each day. You will also have the chance to book for the Texan Buffet and Q&A on Friday November 12th. We very much look forward to seeing you there!

​Register at Held at the Plano Event Center on November 12 and 13, 2021.

COZ Creations Art

Beginner Class 1 – Basic Swipe technique.

Beginner Class 2 – Swipe technique with split color bases.

Intermediate Class – Traveling Ring/Straight pour and Swipe

Masse Art Studio (Dallas-based artists)

Beginner Class 1/2 – Leaky Cups/Grenade pours and Dutch pours.

Intermediate Class – Wrecked Rings and Dustpan pours.

Mina Villegas Art

Beginner Class 1/2 – Ring pours and Fantasy pours.

Intermediate Class – Wandering Straight pours and Wandering Ring pours.

Sarah Mack Art

Beginner Class 1/2 – Straight pour and Negative Space Scoop pour.

Intermediate Class – Galaxy Kiss pour and Wrecked Straight pours.

Waterfall Acrylics

Beginner Class 1- Blooms, mixing and blowing by mouth.

Beginner Class 2 – Blooms, spinning and using a hair dryer.

Intermediate Class – Deconstructed Blooms with a hair dryer and tilting.