Oblivious Sensation and Quaintrelle open at the Arlington Museum of Art

Oblivious Sensation by Christopher Rabb opens December 4 – February 27 at the AMA.

This will be the AMA’s first exhibit featuring the works of San Antonio-based artist, Christopher Rabb.

Artist Statement:

The title of this exhibition, Oblivious Sensation, comes from two of my favorite art pieces in this series, 12 Cent Oblivious Suspense and Amazing Sensation Universe. The title also represents my state of mind when painting or designing. For me, the act of creating art is an escape from the world, during which I become oblivious to my surroundings and become hyper-focused on the process. 

Patrons have said my work is “ambiguous,” this is true and intentional. I believe painting is like telling a story. Still, instead of using words, I have chosen to use images from movies, books, and comics. In doing so, I have abstracted the original narratives by removing the pictures from their original context.

The Arlington Museum of Art will open Quaintrelle: Eugenia Pardue on December 4, 2021. This will be our first collaboration with the Portland-based artist.

The Arlington Museum of Art strives to feature a diverse group of artists with perspectives highlighting different elements of life. We’re excited to feature the delicate and natural yet bold maximalist style of Eugenia this winter. The AMA is proud to know that Pardue’s works and artistic mission will be supported by the The Ford Family Foundation Award and the Oregon Commission on the Arts.

Arlington Museum of Art
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