Cathy Drennan: ReShape, ReColor, ReWork at the Mesquite Arts Center

On Exhibit Oct. 4 – Dec. 17 2021 at the Mesquite Arts Center

Please join the Mesquite Arts Council on December 4th as they celebrate Cathy Drennan and her exhibition “ReShape, ReColor, ReWork”Artist Reception: December 4th | 6-7 PM

Cathy Drennan’s art work is influenced by the patterns and colors of the world’s diverse cultures. Born in Texas and living around the world in Lebanon, Mexico, Iran and the Philippines has made a profound impression on her creative spirit. Drennan’s paintings bring a visceral response to memories and places she has explored between symbol, pattern and shape. The result of a continual re-working of the relations of color and form.This current series “ReShape, ReColor, ReWork” starts by altering or skewing personal imagery, from photos of architecture both interior and exterior, changing the orientation of angles between line and form, resulting in a distortion of the perceived. This first skewing of the image serves as the base of her composition – shape/structure. This supports the second, the relationship of color. The relationship of color and how the viewer perceives it is significant to her process. The shape and color then support the third level — layering of symbols, patterns and textures reworked from distinct traditions.

Drennan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas in Arlington in Fine Art and Graphic Communications. She followed a career path as a graphic designer and fine artist. Her work has been featured in Washington, D.C. and Texas. She currently lives and works in Dallas and is active in the Dallas art community. Cathy teaches painting at the Creative Art Center of Dallas and is the Executive Director of the Dallas Art Dealers Association.