On the Move Photography Exhibition

On the Move
Exhibit: February 11 – 25
Gallery Hours: Tuesdays 11am-2pm; Thursdays & Fridays 12-7pm

DCP invites you to our community gallery to view the photographs chosen for the On the Move juried competition and exhibition. The selections exhibit the enjoyment, restlessness, chaos, and simplicity of movement.

1st Place: Amna Alabood, Swimmer’s High
2nd Place: Craven Bryan, Nighttrain
3rd Place: Caroline Dejeneffe, Creativity

The complete list of exhibiting artists:

Randall Anderson | Daniel Ashe | Hilary Bachelder | Chapman Bauerlein | Jim Bird | Mark Coggins | David Cook | Peter Devenyi | Christie Goldstein | Amy Hendricks | Brendan Kelly | Maria Kremneva | Phil Lewenthal | Jena Love | Sarath Mahidhara | Debbie McCulliss | Jonathan Millet | K Moore | Kathleen Neuenschwander | Oli | Miguel Pérez | Jelisa Peterson | Chris Rusanowsky | Miranda Schmitz | Jon Sharer | Matthew Sims | Dorit Suffness | Matthew Usukumah