Texas Triffid Ranch Fifth Anniversary (At This Location) Carnivorous Plant Open House

A half-decade ago, the word came out among the various artists running galleries at Valley View Center that they had 30 days’ notice of the mall’s closing and demolition. While the demolition still isn’t done (and will probably happen about the time the Dallas Cowboys win a shutout World Series pennant), one of the more unique galleries packed up and moved to a nearby venue, where it’s been for the last five years. The Texas Triffid Ranch, Dallas’s pretty much only carnivorous plant gallery, celebrates the fifth anniversary of its relocation with an open house on Saturday, February 26 from noon until 5:00 pm. (It’s also a perfect time to celebrate the gallery owner’s birthday on February 30.) This includes five years of unique carnivorous plant enclosures, featuring Asian pitcher plants (Nepenthes), South American pitcher plants (Heliamphora), Australian pitcher plants (Cephalotus), sundews (Drosera), butterworts (Pinguicula), and bladderworts (Utricularia) in custom containers and backdrops. Admission is free, the open house is kid-friendly, and masks are mandatory. For more information, directions, and views of previous open houses, please feel free to reference http://www.texastriffidranch.com.