Call for 2023 Art Exhibitions – Artes de la Rosa

Artes de la Rosa Cultural Center for the Arts seeks proposals for 2023, through 2024.  We have 2 spaces, the Main Gallery and the smaller (2D works only) Annex gallery. Both Galleries feature a number of scheduled exhibits that last generally five to six weeks. Two of the exhibits recur annually and are not part of this call to art.

We seek submissions that explore and showcase the cultural diversity and experience of Latin American cultures, lives, history, and relevant social issues.  And as part of each proposal, we request an educational component to engage with our Artes Academy students and/or our audience.  Lastly, we encourage chosen artists, but not required, to provide us with support videos and/or digital slide shows to enhance the conversation. 

Artes de la Rosa is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and interpreting the art, culture, lives, and history of the Latino community. We strive to foster creativity and engagement with the arts locally and regionally. This engagement encourages personal growth and well-being of the individual as well as the community. 


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