In Depth with Terri Thoman, Owner of Paper Arts Dallas

In Depth with Terri Thoman, Owner of Paper Arts Dallas. Hosted by Art on Main and Blue Dragon Fine Art.

June 15th from 6 to 8 pm at Art on Main, 4428 Main Street, Suite 200, Dallas, TX

Terri will give an informative presentation on the world of fine art printmaking.

As a Printmaker, trained in the 1970’s, Terri Thoman has witnessed the shifting landscape of technology in this field. The processes she chooses to employ are rooted deep in the history of printmaking, including intaglio, planography, and most of all, the relief print. In her work you can witness the evidence of life, the direct mark of the tools and the human hand.

Terri’s artwork reflects the value she holds for the planet; her observations of atmosphere, earth, and water clearly express this passion. In the studio, she strives for sustainability through non-toxic practices, “ In my daily routine of life, whether gardening or printmaking, I am responsible for creating my existence.”
The event is free, we just ask that you RSVP via the EventBrite link so we can save you a seat.