Concrete Dandelion – Alec DeJesus Solo Show

Concrete Dandelion – Alec DeJesus Solo Show

Art on Main, 4428 Main Street, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75226

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 30th from 5 to 8pm

Closing Artist Talk: Saturday, October 14th from 11am to 1pm

Exhibition Dates: Friday, September 29th to Saturday, October 14th

This exhibition is a raw and powerful exploration whose roots emanate from Alec’s impactful and emotional personal story.

“Something soft brought up in a hard world, the “Concrete Dandelion” survives on its tenacity, wishful thinking, and its golden glow. Growing in a desolate environment that promises only struggle; the misunderstood flower grows where other flora would wither and fade.

Knowing only hard-fought days and cold nights, its first taste of fertile soil hits like cool water in a hot desert. Although its roots still know the taste of cement, the newfound flavor of life tastes like yesterday’s dreams. Now with the chance to grow and reach deep within its crooked roots, the “Concrete Dandelion” can share its wishful thoughts and golden glow with the world.”
-Alec DeJesus

Born in Chicago and raised in Peoria, IL, Alec turned to art as a means of escaping a rough upbringing and today focuses on enveloping a very real message of “strength and pride through perseverance” in his vibrant paintings and murals.

The trials of life had pushed the artist to a point of reflection that had been accessed only a few times in life where drastic reinvention and self-discovery led to a higher sense of belonging and purpose.
Often our hardest moments lead to our biggest growth periods. The very things that push us to our edge show us how much untapped potential we really have. These trials ultimately lead us to our own personal renaissance, and so long as we remain students in the art of life, our path to growth is as infinite.