Exhibition Reception and Awards Ceremony: “Ceramics on the Wall V”

Join us at the Goldmark Cultural Center from 1-3pm on Saturday, 11 November, for the exhibition reception of “Ceramics on the Wall V”, our fifth annual juried ceramics exhibition and competition.

This year’s exhibition features 71 ceramic works by 63 local ceramic artists, whose work will be juried by distinguished Dallas ceramic artist and collector Louise Rosenfield. The reception will include an awards ceremony, during which the award-winning artists will be announced.

Free admission and parking. 13999 and 14001 Goldmark Dr, Dallas TX 75240.

Featured Artists

  • Vasfie Abderafi

  • Marco Alvarado

  • Alexus Alvear

  • Brenda Anderson

  • Anna Andriets

  • Lynn W. Armstrong

  • Gail Nash Arnold

  • Rita Barnard

  • Elizabeth Bentley

  • Rebecca Boatman

  • Molly Boyd

  • Kathleen Carpenter

  • Vicki Charlotta

  • Beverly Crockett

  • Hermila Cuevas

  • Amanda De Cesaro

  • Rhonda Doerbeck

  • Cat Fears

  • Alex Ferrante

  • Diana Franco

  • Susan Giller

  • Daniele Guillaume

  • Riki Greenspan

  • Eileen Gregory

  • Patricia West Hays

  • Rachel Hoehn

  • Dan Hargrave

  • Gretchen Harro

  • Bret Hahn

  • Jacqueline V. Jackson

  • Rukmini Hood

  • Amy Branch-Lambert

  • Kristine Leathers

  • Gloria Lundin

  • Nan Martin

  • Cyndi McDonnell

  • Vanessa Meza

  • Joanna Mikolajczak

  • Diane Min

  • Nancy Neergaard

  • Yoshiko Nemoto

  • Jennifer Pilon

  • Weston Pugh

  • Marty Ray

  • Judi Reed

  • Aaron Rocha

  • Michael Sanchez

  • Dave Seifert

  • Vera Sewell

  • Diane Simmons

  • Dianne West Short

  • David Snider

  • Susan Sponsler

  • Ani Thurmond

  • Tabatha Trolli

  • Janet Vidales

  • Paula Walker

  • Terri Wilder

  • Monica Marcellus Winters

  • Kimberlee Young

  • Ernesto Zengotita

  • Eva Kustarne Zsoldos

  • Alecia Zingnon

About the Juror

Louise Rosenfield is a Dallas, Texas potter who enjoys playing with clay and making functional vessels for daily use. She prefers making her work from porcelain, which she either decorates with patterns and fires in a wood kiln, or applies colorful illustrations and fires in the electric kiln.

She proudly serves as a member of the Board of Trustees, Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York, where she is proud of her work on the Collections Committee. Beginning in 2019, Rosenfield has participated as a member of the Archie Bray Foundation Board of Directors in Helena, Montana. The Bray is known internationally for its Artist Residency program. Rosenfield concentrates her efforts on the Development Committee. Rosenfield is also a founding organizer of the Dallas Pottery Invitational, an annual show and sale established in 2008 whose mission is to widen public knowledge about the breadth and depth of functional ceramics today.

In addition, Rosenfield has established a web site resource for scholars or others looking for inspiration, to see and appropriate images of functional pots she owns and uses. The website, rosenfieldcollection.com, offers several views of each work. High quality images may be downloaded and used without attribution. Currently over 4,000 works, all made by artists with individual studio practices, are available to examine.